Shifting the Atmosphere

Many times, when God is exalting us, he performs a shift in our lives.  When a shifting occurs, there is a change in position, an unexpected movement, and often times, the removal and addition of people in our lives.  In the process of a shift, we are often confused and have many unanswered questions.  People, we assumed would be in our lives forever, unexpectedly leave and the ones we least expect become our primary supporters.  During a shift we sometimes lose things that are important to us and become increasingly distraught as it seems as though things are getting worse opposed to better.

It is important to remember, that when God is shifting our atmosphere, this shift is always a part of a greater plan.  Although things may happen that are beyond our understanding, nothing occurring is in vain.  When God desires to move us to a higher place, often we are placed in uncomfortable positions; positions that feel strange and new.  While in these positions, we have no choice but to make moves that we most likely would not have made before.   We are often forced to press forward and take risks that we would have normally been afraid to take.   While in this place, God is pushing us into his greater purpose for our lives.  We sometimes find ourselves expanding our limits, in an effort to fulfill, an urgent desire that we may not completely understand.    Our thoughts and views begin to change, and it is common to receive revelation and insight on things we never have before.  The visions we have for ourselves are often far less than what God desires for us, therefore, he allows things to come about that will cause us step out into unknown territory.  This territory is usually an essential part of reaching our destiny and fulfilling God’s divine purpose for our lives.


At this moment, if strange things seem to be happening, and you are questioning what you could be doing wrong know that it could simply be due to God shifting the atmosphere in your life.  All of the changes, relationship transitions, and altering life views, could all be a part of the shift.  If you are being directed to do things that are new, know that you could be in a shift.  The uneasy feelings and the restlessness will soon cease as things begin to settle into their proper new positions.  During this time embrace the process that is taking place.  Even though it feels awkward and you may not completely understand the purpose of each stage, remember that God is causing and allowing change.  This change is not to hinder, hurt or break you but it is to define, encourage, make and mold you.  God is simply shifting your atmosphere!


Enough is Enough!


I am through with it all! I am done!  I can’t and I won’t continue to live in this manner.  I have decided that enough is enough!  The fear that has kept me in captivity for years will no longer have its hold.  The enemies of procrastination, consistent tardiness, and complacency no longer have a place in my life.  The constant doubt of who I am and confusion concerning my purpose have to go.  Why?  Because enough is enough!

The idea of settling and accepting less than what I desire in my heart, is no longer an option. I refuse to live by the boundaries that have been established around me.  The boundaries that accept poverty, lack, and the mentality that “comfortable is ok”.  I will stop looking at those who have beaten the odds and thinking, “That type of success is not for me”.  It is time out for spending too much time on the “whys” and failing to spend the required time and energy on what can be done to change the situation.  I understand some believe that we must know the past to accomplish greatness in the future; however, we sometimes allow that past to hinder our future.  We spend a lot of time expecting and looking for answers as we continue to look back and that slows down our forward movement.  Well, for me, enough is enough!

I have had enough of the hate that keeps us as people of all races and ethnicities back. I have had enough of the excuses and the blaming of everyone else but ourselves, which causes us to stay stagnant.  How we grew up, where we grew up, what happened while we were growing up does not have to be used as reasons why we cannot accomplish and achieve greatness.  These things are only used because we chose to use them and it is time to stop because enough is enough.

Settling is a choice and an opportunity. It is not a road that has to be taken it is a road that we decide to take.  Just as we have the opportunity to settle we have the opportunity to soar.  Of course it may be harder for some than others; however, it is not impossible.  Educational opportunities, business opportunities, ways to overcome debt and etc… are available to us all.  It is time that we tap into the greatness and abilities that have been placed on the inside of us.  There is nothing keeping us from reaching deep and looking high, except ourselves.  I have decided that I will no longer look to follow the trends of others but I will become the trendsetter.  I will be happy! I will be free!  I will succeed!  Why? Because the moment has come to say that enough is enough!


“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10


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Have the Courage to Believe

In the book of Joshua, God instructed Joshua to discontinue his mourning of Moses and to move forward into the land that he had been promised.  Within that scripture God told Joshua to be “strong and courageous”, “strong and of a good courage”, and to “be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed”.  In other words, God was telling Joshua that he was to utilize the strength he had been given and that he was not to fear.  Joshua had been given the appropriate time needed to mourn the death of Moses and now it was time for him to go and conquer that land of promise.

Many times God has promised us a “land of promise” that we often fail to conquer due to an unknowing yet hindering fear.  This fear is commonly and unintentionally passed down from generation to generation. With our children carrying the same apprehension that hinders their dreams and visions.  In a world filled with opportunities and risks, it takes courage to believe in the unbelievable.   Even after deciding to believe, it then takes vision and the willingness to see ourselves in the place we are working to reach.  Often times we wait for the support and approval of our loved ones, however, they may have an inability to see us in a place where they cannot see themselves.  God is a God of examples and someone has to have the courage to be that example.  There has to be an example of strength, an example of courage, an example of determination and an example of unbelievable success.

Just as when God spoke to Joshua and told him to “arise” because Moses was dead, God is speaking to many of us and telling us to arise.  We must stop mourning those dead things and have the courage to believe in what lies ahead.  Joshua had to get up and make a move in order to conquer the land that had been promised to his people.  His success required faith, courage, strength, movement, determination and obedience.  Joshua could not be distracted by those who complained and failed to believe.  The promise was not made by people, it was made by God.  Only God could lead Joshua into the land of milk and honey.   Although it may seem impossible, never lose your faith.  It can happen and it will happen if you maintain the courage to believe.


“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” Mark 9:23

I Am Worthy!

It has been almost a year that I have been on this writing journey. I remember when I first embraced the idea that God had called me to write and how nervous and unsure I was.  Although people, primarily my husband and my mom, had been telling me about my writing for years I refused to accept what they were saying.  One reason is because I honestly did not feel that I had a passion for writing and I was really unsure of myself.  When I decided to go ahead and launch out into the deep I had many doubts. I wondered whether or not I would be able to gain followers.  I would ask myself if I were “educated” enough to write.  Would I be able to make a difference in anyone’s life?  All of these were things I asked myself and honestly I still do.  I almost allowed these fears and questions cause me to back out of doing what I truly believe in my heart that God wants and needs me to do.

Now here I am 8 months later, grateful that I started the journey but still dealing with the same fears. Honestly, I am still not sure if I can answer those questions that I asked myself last year.  When I post it is always amazing to read what others have taken away from what I have written.  I don’t know if people realize it but my writing comes from a place of vulnerability.  It comes from a place of realness and a place of passion.  A place which was once very broken but is now being healed more and more each day.  My writing really does come from my heart which is what I desire for people to see.

Sometimes I get discouraged when I do not get the amount of readers or followers that I hoped for. Sometimes I question my decision to even take the risk.  However, even in the midst of my insecurities something inside of me keeps pushing me to continue.  Something keeps motivating me to not give up and to remember that I am worthy of the call God has given me.  I am worthy of the talent that I was graciously given without my asking.  I am worthy of the gift that I sometimes fail to appreciate.  When I think about giving up I have to remember that I am more than a conqueror and that the present is not my end result.  I must remind myself that although the numbers may be low today tomorrow still leaves room for increase.

I am worthy to accomplish my dreams even when it takes longer than I desire. I am worthy to call myself what I know that I am even when I do not feel like it.  Those days I fail to complete the mission I set for the day I am still worthy.  I am worthy even when others do not see my worth.  Regardless of how it looks or seems sometimes we have to say to ourselves “I AM WORTHY”!


Take Your Power Back!

There are so many times we run behind things and people that are either not meant to be in our lives or choose not to be. In some cases they are meant to be in our lives, however, they often mistreat us or discourage us whether it is intentionally or unintentionally. We must remember that although people may say and do hurtful things to us, these things can only tear us apart if we allow them to. We have the power and we must take it back!

We have the power to keep pressing and keep believing in ourselves even when others do not. We have the power to overcome obstacles regardless of what others say about us. We have the power to live out our dreams and achieve our goals even if some do not believe that we can. We have the power to allow ourselves to be healed and delivered from things that happened in our lives that could have stripped us of our self esteem and knowledge of our worth. We have the power to make a difference in the lives of others and in our lives as well. It is time to take our power back!

Often times we allow rejection and negativity from loved ones define who we feel we are. Those words and actions cut deep and can often have a way of keeping us from living our lives to the fullest. We unintentionally begin to make life decisions based on limitations because we have allowed people to stop us from seeing our greatness. It is time to stop allowing people that power. We can no longer allow the insecurities of others impact us to such a magnitude. There is no need to continue to pursue and chase those who have made a decision to dismiss us because they refuse to recognize our value. We must stop giving them power that they do not deserve! Know your importance! Know your own value! Know your abilities and take your power back!