Have the Courage to Believe

In the book of Joshua, God instructed Joshua to discontinue his mourning of Moses and to move forward into the land that he had been promised.  Within that scripture God told Joshua to be “strong and courageous”, “strong and of a good courage”, and to “be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed”.  In other words, God was telling Joshua that he was to utilize the strength he had been given and that he was not to fear.  Joshua had been given the appropriate time needed to mourn the death of Moses and now it was time for him to go and conquer that land of promise.

Many times God has promised us a “land of promise” that we often fail to conquer due to an unknowing yet hindering fear.  This fear is commonly and unintentionally passed down from generation to generation. With our children carrying the same apprehension that hinders their dreams and visions.  In a world filled with opportunities and risks, it takes courage to believe in the unbelievable.   Even after deciding to believe, it then takes vision and the willingness to see ourselves in the place we are working to reach.  Often times we wait for the support and approval of our loved ones, however, they may have an inability to see us in a place where they cannot see themselves.  God is a God of examples and someone has to have the courage to be that example.  There has to be an example of strength, an example of courage, an example of determination and an example of unbelievable success.

Just as when God spoke to Joshua and told him to “arise” because Moses was dead, God is speaking to many of us and telling us to arise.  We must stop mourning those dead things and have the courage to believe in what lies ahead.  Joshua had to get up and make a move in order to conquer the land that had been promised to his people.  His success required faith, courage, strength, movement, determination and obedience.  Joshua could not be distracted by those who complained and failed to believe.  The promise was not made by people, it was made by God.  Only God could lead Joshua into the land of milk and honey.   Although it may seem impossible, never lose your faith.  It can happen and it will happen if you maintain the courage to believe.


“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” Mark 9:23


Spiritually Dry Christians

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What is filling your life? As a Christian, are you filling your life with the things of this world or the Spirit of God?

Look, let us be honest with ourselves. You can have the right teachings and all the right theology, but you can still be empty of God’s spirit. You can also have a spirit filled with fire for God, but lack a foundation of theology or any at all because you are missing truth. These two extremes have good things about them, but they are still missing the righteousness of God and His true spirit.

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.
– John 4:24

We must understand that only the Spirit of God edified us and makes the word come alive in us. Without the Spirit, everything we do is in vain of Christ and the work…

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Stop trying to fit into a mold that was not created for you!

Everyone was created in a unique manner.  We all have been given talents and abilities that set us apart from everyone else.  There is a “special something” associated with us all that sets us apart from the rest.  It is time that we accept that “special something” and stop trying to fit in a mold that was not created for us. We were not meant to become duplicates of someone else.   Even in the case of identical twins, there is a uniqueness that sets them apart.  Some people spend their entire lives attempting to reach goals that someone else set for them.  They fail to find their identity because they are constantly trying to live in someone else’s.  These people, which a lot of us have been at one point, become consumed with doing what it takes to satisfy the desires of others, while they are dissatisfied.  They are trying to fit into a mold that was not created for them.

Sometimes we unintentionally feel obligated to live in the shadow of those we respect and admire.  In some cases it may be our parents. Sometimes it may be older siblings.  In some cases it may even be a close friend.  However, we must realize that regardless of how hard we try, that is not our mold.  We will never be able to fit in a mold that was not created for us.   We were created with visions and dreams that are unique to us.  We were created with special characteristics that cannot be erased, not even by DNA.  We were made to stand out in our own way and to create our own picture.

I encourage everyone today to discover and accept your mold.  Learn to appreciate the “special something” that defines you and only you.  Appreciate the fact that God has designed you and enabled you to create your own destiny and paint your personal picture.  You have a mark that is to be set only by you!  Know that you are extraordinary, one of a kind and irreplaceable.  Stop trying to fit into a mold that was created for someone else.  Embrace your differences, live your dreams and fill the mold that was designed specifically and specially for YOU!  You might as well do it because no one else can.